Art Fairs

The Armory Show - 2017

02.03.2017 - 05.03.2017
Piers 94, New York, US
The Armory Show - 2017
Sadaharu Horio in front of his Art Vending Machine at The Armory Show 2017
For this year’s edition of The Armory Show, we will devote our stand to a solo project of Sadaharu Horio, the youngest member of the Japanese avant-garde group Gutai, which he joined in 1966. Horio’s art is the extension of his day-to-day living, and its focus is on the act of creation itself. It resides in the ordinary and is encountered by surprise. Horio invites the viewer to participate and question the traditional ideas about art, institutions and the market.

During the entire fair, Horio's performances consist of: 

Art Vending Machine:
Inside a self-made “vending machine”, composed of discarded materials, Horio
makes One Minute Drawings for the visitors after they have inserted one dollar into the “machine”. Horio’s drawings are made on the spot, triggered by the viewer. 

In 1985, Horio started his “ironuri” project. Every day he adds an extra layer of paint to found objects. The color he uses is decided by the order of paint tubes in his box.  At the fair, he will paint objects from the start until the end of the fair, thus capturing the duration of the fair in layers of color.

In addition to this performance and as a second part of our booth, we will present Horio’s recent large paper works as well as his early historical works from the 1960s.   

Horio has performed in art institutions including Moderna Museet, Stockholm and Fundacio Miró, Barcelona (2012) and Guggenheim, New York (2013). Last year he performed at BOZAR (Brussels)

You'll find us at booth 504 - Pier 94
More info on the Armory Show website.
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