Art Brussels - Art Cologne

18.04.2013 - 22.04.2013/General
Art Brussels - Art Cologne
For our first participation at Art Cologne we will present a cross-section of the gallery's artists, placed into unexpected dialogues with one another. The emotional structures Günther Uecker creates-by repetitively hammering nails into objects-is confronted with the vivid and rash repetition in Gutai artist Sadaharu Horio’s work. The Gutai work of Norio Imai bares a strong resemblance to the work of Enrico Castellani, however when seen together, the subtle differences between both come to the surface. Further, an eye catching bottle cap installation by El Anatsui is confronted with a Signal by Takis, both turning the memories in found objects into a new poetic and social message.

At Art Brussels, we will focus on younger and upcoming artists, who will be given a platform to show their work at the gallery in the next season. Brussels based artist Lucia Bru will make an in situ installation with her delicate porcelain “cages”, giving a vulnerable, human voice to the in-between. Among other promising artists are Frank Thiel, John Gerrard and Sam Messenger. In their own way they all address the concept of structure in their work. Thiel photographically turns architectural structures into abstract emotional landscapes. Gerrard creates video works that show looped unrealities, mirroring what’s hidden behind the real (power) structures that determine our daily life and Messenger makes structure fail in his drawings, by letting the human infiltrate in it.

Art Brussels
>> 18.04 – 21.04, vernissage 17.04
>> Brussels Expo, Halls 1 and 3 (hall 1, booth 1C-41)

Art Cologne
>> 19.04 – 22.04, vernissage 18.04
>> Koelnmesse (hall 11.2, booth B 019)
Art Brussels - Art Cologne