Dialogue with Light - Jef Verheyen - Walter Leblanc

27.10.2016 - 22.01.2017/General, Gallery
Dialogue with Light - Jef Verheyen - Walter Leblanc
The exhibition DIALOGUE WITH LIGHT. Walter Leblanc - Jef Verheyen invites you to a unique experience at the heart of painting.

Through a new dialogue between two post-war Belgian abstract art masters, Walter Leblanc and Jef Verheyen, the exhibition aims to awaken the senses. it offers an unusual glimpse into the depths of their work, tis colour, medium and light, counteracting usual representations. Both artists draw your eye to new observations and unexplored pictorial spaces.
At the same time, the exhibition casts new light on an audacious period in Belgian art (1958 - 1968) and on two of its major artists in contact with the Zero Group (Fontana, Manzoni, Uecker, Mack) as they aim to give birth to a new way of painting.

More info on the website of Museum d'Ixelles.
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