Hiroshi Sugimoto to build mountain-side art complex

20.03.2015/General, Gallery
Hiroshi Sugimoto to build mountain-side art complex
The Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto is planning to open an ambitious art complex in the dramatic setting of Sagami Bay in eastern Japan by 2017. The facility will house the Odawara Art Foundation, a non-profit organisation established by Sugimoto in 2009.
“Nestled against the sheer outer rim of the Hakone Mountains, the Enoura district of Odawara City is one of great unspoiled natural beauty. This will be the site of the Odawara Art Foundation’s Enoura complex,” according to a project statement.

A spokeswoman for Sugimoto says: “The Odawara Art Foundation preserves and exhibits art objects and other items, from prehistoric to contemporary; works to convey traditional performing arts to younger generations; and contributes to the vitality and development of contemporary art.”

She declined to comment on the exhibition programme but said that “it is not planned at this stage to show Sugimoto’s ‘Seascapes’ series [begun 1980] in the complex”.

The centre will incorporate an underground tunnel from which visitors can view the sunrise during the winter solstice, a thatched-roof Noh theatre, a Muromachi period (around 1333-1568) gate, a garden and offices. The cost of the new complex, and funding details, were undisclosed.

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