Kimsooja at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

21.09.2017 - 21.01.2018/General, Gallery
Kimsooja at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
Weaving the World

Opening 21.9.2017, 6pm.

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 5pm
Thursday 10am-8pm
Closed on Mondays

“I contain my projects in my body which I find as my studio.”

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is devoting an extensive solo exhibition to the Korea-born artist Kimsooja (* 1957), who lives and works in New York and Seoul.

One day in 1983, Kimsooja was sewing a traditional bedcover  together with her mother. When passing the needle through the  fabric, she had a sudden sensation like an electric shock. “The energy of my body channeled through the needle, seeming to connect to the energy of the world. From that moment, I understood the power of sewing: the relationship of needle to fabric is like my body to the universe.” This experience became a far-reaching crucial experience for Kimsooja’s artistic work. In her performances, installations, sculptures, video and photo works she combines isolated, fragmen- tary observations to form a whole encounter of different places and people. Duration and time and the metaphorical intertwining of her own experiences, cultural backgrounds, and historical references all play a major role. The artist equates her task with a needle whose work brings together divergent elements, that is to say, different cultures or standpoints.

The thread that runs through the exhibition – as expressed by the title – is the metaphor of Weaving the World. The show features works from 1999 to 2014 from Kimsooja’s highly varied and contem- plative oeuvre that has received considerable international attention. Among them, the trailblazing video installation A Needle Woman (1999–2001) in which the artist stands still facing the waves of crowds in eight metropolises. Thread Routes – Chapter IV (China) of her latest 16mm film work Thread Routes (2010–ongoing) is shown for the first time. This distinct body of work, filmed in six chapters, each shot in a different cultural area of the world, weaves an impres- sive tapestry of textile traditions in all their beauty, at the same time reflecting the interaction with nature, architecture and agriculture. Thread Routes – Chapter I (Peru) and Thread Routes – Chapter II (Europe) are also on show at the exhibition.

The exhibition conceived in close collaboration with Kimsooja is a production of Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, curated by Christiane Meyer-Stoll.

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