Kimsooja's 'Earth-Water-Fire-Air' screening at The Temple in Beijing

16.03.2016 - 01.05.2016/General, Gallery
Kimsooja's 'Earth-Water-Fire-Air' screening at The Temple in Beijing
From March 16 onwards, Kimsooja’s video installation Aire de Tierra / Air of Earth (2009) will be screened in the courtyard of The Temple in Beijing. Aire de Tierra / Air of Earth is one chapter of the artist's 8-channel video installation Earth – Water – Fire – Air. The title as well as the main concept of this multi-channel performance video are based on the four fundamental elements of nature. They constantly interrelate to one another as they continue to merge, transform and extinct while organically embracing and excluding one another. Video footages taken in Lanzarote Island and Guatemalan volcanoes are featured as the artist’s visual manifestation of nirvana in which all four basic elements reincarnate; burning lava flow became rocks and dust that blew in the air. According to eastern philosophy, such as Zen Buddhism and Taoism, each element’s property is created by the other, as is reflected in each chapter’s title (Fire of Earth, Water of Earth, Earth of Water, Air of Fire, Air of Earth, Air of Water, Fire of Air and Water of Air.

Kimsooja’s outdoor projection will be on view every evening between 6:30 pm and 11:00 pm, until May 1. Located in Beijing, this venue is a forgotten Qing Dynasty temple that has been restored and transformed into a boutique hotel and art space. The antique structure—known to the faithful as Zhizhusi, the Temple of Wisdom—was one of three Tibetan Buddhist temples built in the mid-18th century near the Imperial Palace. Battered and charred by fire, the edifice was hardly promising for development. But years of restoration has transformed it into an art hotel with eight luxury rooms, a gallery, a restaurant, a sculpture courtyard. Stripped of its bleak Communist facade, the near-ruined temple today has a new life, subtly blending Eastern spirituality with contemporary Western style. Today, The Temple is known as the only venue in China that houses a skypace installation of James Turell, ‘Gathered Sky’.

The Temple Hotel
23 Shatan Beijie
Dongcheng District
Beijing, China
WeChat ID Temple东景缘

More information about The Temple can be found here. 

Kimsooja's 'Earth-Water-Fire-Air' screening at The Temple in Beijing
Kimsooja's 'Earth-Water-Fire-Air' screening at The Temple in Beijing
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