Made in Japan

07.10.2016 - 08.11.2016/General, Gallery
Made in Japan
Mountain with Lines, 1963, Tsuyoshi MAEKAWA
The exhibition 'Made in Japan' goes back to the period in art history that started in the late 50ies. At that point a strong avant-garde movement surfaced, not unlike the European and US counterparts. The movement in Japan was much influenced by the war trauma and the following occupation. It was a period of pivotal cultural and social change, Japan was disarmed, the empire ceased to exist and by the late 50ies Japan knew an explosive economic growth. Japan became an economic force.

In order to give expression to these changes, some artists broke with tradition and sided with freedom and experimentation. They rebelled against traditional forms of art and forced their freedom opposing the existing and adopted system. Their art was innovating and iconic.
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