MMCA Hyundai Motor Series 2016: Kimsooja – 마음의 기하학 – Archive of Mind

27.07.2016 - 05.02.2017/General, Gallery
MMCA Hyundai Motor Series 2016: Kimsooja – 마음의 기하학 – Archive of Mind
Kimsooja, Archive of Mind, partial installation view, with sound performance Unfolding Sphere, 2016. Courtesy of MMCA and Hyundai Motors Co.
MMCA HYUNDAI MOTORS SERIES 2016: KIMSOOJA – 마음의 기하학 / ARCHIVE OF MIND is being held at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul. MMCA has selected internationally-acclaimed artist Kimsooja for the third year of MMCA HYUNDAI MOTOR SERIES. An Exhibition shedding light on her recent works will be on display from July 27th, 2016 through February 5th, 2017.
MMCA HYUNDAI MOTOR SERIES is a long-term annual project inaugurated in 2014, sponsored by Hyundai Motors Company to support solo exhibitions of distinguished Korean artists. By providing a pivotal opportunity for new large-scale works to artists with distinctive practice, the series instills fresh invigorating possibilities into the field of Korean contemporary art.
The exhibition presents for the first time to the public a large-scale performative installation, 마음의 기하학 / Archive of Mind; a new sculpture installation, Deductive Object; the new and fifth chapter of her ongoing film series, Thread Routes; and a series of recent works that mark an evolution in Kimsooja’s practice.
마음의 기하학 / Archive of Mind offers the artist's reflections on the canonical problem of the act of making and will transform with audience participation throughout the exhibition period. Expanding on the artist's concept of Bottari as a method of wrapping, this participatory workshop invites the audience to roll a lump of clay into spherical forms on a 19-meter-long elliptical wooden table, which doubles as a canvas. The cyclical act introduces a polarity between symmetrical forces of the participants' palms that transpose their state of mind into matter and matter into void. A new sound performance piece titled Unfolding Sphere presents an acoustic counterpart to the rhythmic constellation of the clay spheres.
Presented in the museum’s courtyard is Deductive Object, a large-scale ovoid sculpture suspended on a mirrored plinth. Light diffracting films installed along the courtyard window unfold sunlight into a radiant color spectrum, while the sculpture’s ‘obangsaek’ (Korean traditional colors) surface enfolds the visible spectrum back into a geometric definition. This work is inspired by the Indian tradition of brahmanda stones, also known as "cosmic egg," signifying the birth of totality. 
The artist also premieres the new chapter of her ongoing film series, Thread Routes V. Comprised of six chapters, Thread Routes juxtaposes performative elements of textile culture with parallel structures in nature, architecture, agriculture, and gender relationships. It is conceived as a non-narrative visual poem and a visual anthropology. The new chapter the fifth in the series, takes place in the native cultures of America’s Navajo and Hopi lands against the backdrop of geological wonders, such as Shiprock and Canyon de Chelly, Arizona, and the architectural ruins of the Chaco Culture in New Mexico. These bold monumental forms contrast with primordial acts of weaving and purified forms of Native American crafts, marking the height of the artist’s anthropological inquiry into the birth of gestures that weave, wrap, and unwrap the fabric of the world.
This exhibition also showcases a number of works related to the concept of corporeal geometry that Kimsooja has developed over the span of her career.
For the last 30 years, Kimsooja has worked on an ever-evolving tableau, a continuation of the artist’s early work with painting and re-contextualizing daily objects, actions, as well as confronting urgent social issues such as migration, exile, and violence. The works presented at MMCA further her commitment to creating an encounter with the public and continue the artist’s early meditation on non-doing and non-making as a form of art practice. Kimsooja’s enduring examination of dualism in life and art transforms elements of performance into a pursuit of totality.
Kimsooja (1957- ) was born in Daegu, South Korea, and lives and works in New York, Paris, and Seoul. She has had major solo exhibitions at the Centre Pompidou, Metz (2015); Guggenheim, Bilbao (2015); Vancouver Art Gallery (2013); Korean Pavilion at the Venice Biennale (2013); Perez Art Museum, Miami (2012); Baltic Center, UK (2009); Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid (2006); Magasin 3, Stockholm (2006); National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens(2005); MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge (2005); Museum Kunstpalast (2004); Contemporary Art Museum, Lyon (2003); PAC, Milan (2003); Kunsthalle Bern(2002); P.S.1/MOMA (2001); ICC, Tokyo (2001); Plateau, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul (2000), among other institutions.  Kimsooja has participated in international group exhibitions, including the Venice Biennale (1999, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2013); Gwangju Biennale (2012, 2002,1995); Busan Biennale (2014, 2002); Moscow Biennale (2009); Whitney Biennial (2002); Lyon Biennale (2000); Sao Paulo biennale (1998); Istanbul Biennale (1997); Manifesta 1 (1995), among many others.

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