Monograph Kazuo Shiraga

12.02.2015/General, Gallery
Monograph Kazuo Shiraga
The common search for a new reality, breaking down conventions to reveal essential cornerstones makes the Gutai movement more topical than ever; a search for essence that  challenges the social fabric of today’s society.
The publication contains a never before published personal notebook of the artist providing an insight into the painting process and his public performances and a full and comprehensive overview of his works and career.
The monograph includes unpublished texts and unedited historical pictures, thanks to the support of the archives of Shiraga in Japan. Gutai experts such as Koichi Kawasaki, John Rajchman, Ming Tiampo, and Reiko Tomii share their thoughts and input on Kazuo Shiraga.

Release to the public is planned this fall, and presentation to the press and professionals will be on 12.02 at Dominique Lévy Gallery NY.
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