Monograph Yuko Nasaka

11.03.2015/General, Gallery
Monograph Yuko Nasaka
It brings together many historic images and documents of the Gutai period, from the artist’s personal archive and found in the archives of the Ashiya City Museum of Art & History. It contains an unpublished interview with Nasaka, as well as two essays by Gutai specialists Prof. Ming Tiampo and Midori Yoshimoto placing her work in a broader Gutai context.

Yuko Nasaka (°1936, Japan)  is one of the few female members of the Gutai Art Association, Japan’s most important avant-garde (1954-1972) that has regained its place in art history in recent years with shows in many important international museums, like the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Nasaka is a prominent voice of Gutai’s last generation artists who used experimental technology and cutting edge materials to give body to Gutai leader Yoshihara’s credo to “be original and to create something that has never been created before in a manner that has never been used before. Almost obsessively Nasaka used a pottery wheel and acrylic resin lacquer to make circles on wooden boards. These circles where assembled into large works that could fill entire exhibition walls, giving the viewer a dazzling experience.

Release will be on 11.03
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