Renato Nicolodi - Triennale Brugge

05.05.2018 - 16.09.2018/General, Gallery
Renato Nicolodi - Triennale Brugge
Acheron I, Renato Nicolodi. Installation view Triennial Bruges 2018
Renato Nicolodi talks in this video about his installation at the Triennale Bruges 2018.
His work, Acheron I becomes a haven, a portal between past, present and future where the water acts as a boundary. The Triennale opens officially on Sunday 5 May.

Triennial Bruges 2018: Liquid City has invited international artists and architects to reflect on how flexible, fluid, resilient a historic city like Bruges can be at a time when nothing seems certain.

The water, which literally crosses and surrounds the city and which once made Bruges famous worldwide, becomes a metaphor for Liquid City. In the city centre, fifteen works of art, installations and meeting places are being built up. They form an open and inviting trail that brings people together in unexpected places.
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