The Salon: Art + Design

14.11.2014 - 17.11.2014/General
The Salon: Art + Design
We are proud to announce our first participation at The Salon: Art + Design in New York. The fair will run from 14 till 17 November 2014 at the Park Avenue Armory.

Our booth will convey the universal and timeless use of form language, in archaeological pieces through modern day design. It is interesting to see how a pure use of lines and forms has captivated designers, artists and craftsmen, resulting in form language that has transgressed time and geographical boundaries.

We present a rare prototype of the well-known “Egyptian chair” designed in 1928 by Mogens Lassen, a pioneer of Danish Modernism.  His well-proportioned designs added a new dimension to the modernist movement due to their simplicity and craftsmanship. 
Another important piece is a painted relief (1975) from the Dutch ZERO-artist Jan Schoonhoven. He fully accepted the contemporary viewpoint  that a work of art was just an object which established itself as art within a specific cultural context. So he created simple, geometrical white painted reliefs, based on the same non-expressionist principle.
One of our archeological highlights is an architectural ornament from Yemen (5th Century BC), a motif borrowed from the Egyptian false doors. It’s a stone imitation of the window frames featured in the South Arabia's earlier wooden buildings
All pieces form a unity through the universality of proportion and form.

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