Tàpies, Lo sguardo dell’ artista (The Eye of the Artist)

01.06.2013 - 24.11.2013/General, Gallery
Tàpies, Lo sguardo dell’ artista (The Eye of the Artist)
In the Summer of 2013, during the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Venice, Palazzo Fortuny presents : ‘Tàpies. Lo sguardo dell’artista’ (Tàpies. The Eye of the Artist). 
This exhibition is organized by the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia and the Axel and May Vervoordt Foundation  and is curated by Toni Tàpies, Natasha Hébert, Daniela Ferretti and Axel Vervoordt.

The aim of the exhibition is to show the spirit of Tàpies’ art and to present his extraordinary eye both as a collector and an artist. The works in this exhibition have been selected from Antoni Tàpies’ own house and most of them have never been shown in public before.  The works will be curated from an intuitive and emotional perspective, rather than providing a chronological overview of his oeuvre. Some of the artworks of his collection include 20th century protagonists such as Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, Kazuo Shiraga, Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock and Jannis Kounellis, but also a selection of oriental and tribal sculptures.

The idea is also to expand the concept of the exhibition with a contemporary “eye” and to show a selection of artists who have made a tribute, an ‘homage’ to Tàpies. The list of artists have carefully been chosen by all the curators. Some of these artists were closely related to Tàpies, others have been chosen because their work relates to the same questions regarding to the mystery and the inexplicable Tàpies was preoccupied with.  These artists include Perejaume Borrell, Anthony Caro, Marisa Merz, Giuseppe Penone, Kichizaemon Raku, Shiro Tsujimura and Gunther Uecker.

The exhibition catalogue (SKIRA, 2013) will present all the works in the exhibition, alongside some of Antoni Tàpies’ favorite artworks and books. It contains essays by Natasha Hébert-Tàpies, inspired by the writings of Antoni Tàpies, and an essay by Axel Vervoordt on ‘the Eye of the artist’.
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