ZEROnow: On the topicality of ZERO

24.09.2015/General, Gallery
ZEROnow: On the topicality of ZERO
In conjunction with the exhibition ZERO: Let Us Explore the Stars, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, the ZERO Foundation Düsseldorf, and The Hague’s TodaysArt Festival proudly present a two-day symposium with invited artists and curators to re-read the history of ZERO and address the topicality of its legacy.

Even though ZERO reached its zenith in the art world more than half a century ago, it was not until quite recently that this international network of artists was established as a fixture in art historical scholarship. Why did it take so long for ZERO (roughly active between 1957 to 1966) to be accepted into the canon of 20th century art? And why did it happen, of all times, at the outset of the 21st century? How are contemporary perspectives on ZERO (re)shaping the artistic legacy of this international network? And last but not least, what does the legacy of ZERO mean to contemporary artists?

Such probing questions fuel this two-day symposium, by which the organizers hope to critically frame and contextualize the current research and curatorial practices in relation to the ZERO network.

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