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Home Collection

Our furniture is the result of an ongoing quest for comfort, combining quality and harmony. With the cultivation of expertise and taste that spans centuries, the Home Collection is the result of years of designing furniture, objects and accessories for our clients.

Originally led by Axel Vervoordt, the design team continues to develop the Home Collection’s wide range of expertly crafted sofas, chairs, tables, lamps and accessories. We also offer a series of singular pieces that incorporate salvaged materials, giving every item its own distinct appearance.

Each creation is characterized by the mixture of modern leisure and harmonious proportions. Attributed to their unpretentious and sober design, the use of natural materials and fabrics and outstanding hand-craftsmanship, every piece has a timeless quality, which we aim for in all of our creations. Since they are not overpowering, and instead fulfill a supporting role, the home collection is extremely compatible with both ancient and contemporary art in a home setting.

We choose to work with traditionally skilled craftspeople. Our concerns for man and nature are further assured by our outspoken preference for durable materials, which age beautifully. We expect each piece you select to be ultimately at home in your interior. Our wide range of quality fabrics, in a variety of colours and textures, is available for custom upholstery. Every order is fulfilled according to an interactive process with our team who are happy to assist you with your selection.